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The Nautical Archaeology Society (NAS) is dedicated to advancing education in nautical archaeology at all levels; to improving techniques in recording, preservation and reporting and to encouraging the participation of members of the public at all stages.

The Nautical Archaeology Society is a non-government organisation formed to further interest in our under-water cultural heritage. They are a registered charity based in the United Kingdom, but with strong links to partner organisations around the world. Their aim is to preserve our archaeological heritage in the marine environment, by acting as a focus for coastal and marine archaeology. To do this, they need to involve everyone- divers and non-divers, scientists, historians and anyone with an interest. Our underwater heritage is not renewable, and is at constant threat from natural and human agencies.



The International Journal of Nautical Archaeology

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The International Journal of Nautical Archaeology was founded in 1972 and is published biannually by the Nautical Archaeology SocietyThe International Journal of Nautical Archaeology exists as a forum for the exchange of ideas and research relevant to all aspects of nautical archaeology. More information can be found here.

The journal aims are:

  • to advance education in nautical archaeology at all levels
  • to improve techniques in excavating, conservation and reporting
  • to encourage participation by members of the public at all stages.

The Society produces a Newsletter and organizes, both on its own behalf and in association with other bodies, conferences, symposia, lectures, field projects and expeditions.

Below are articles which have been produced by our Women in Nautical Archaeology.

Dr. Lucy Blue

Locating the Harbour: Myos Hormos/Quseir al-Qadim: a Roman and Islamic Port on the Red Sea Coast of Egypt

Morgawr: an experimental Bronze Age-type sewn-plank craft based on the Ferriby boats

Dr. Giulia Boetto

The Post Medieval Gravellona Toce Boat: an inland watercraft from north-west Italy assembled using locked dowels

Dr. Debbie Cvikel

The Byzantine-Period Dor 2006 Shipwreck, Israel: preliminary hull construction report

The 19th-Century Akko Tower Wreck, Israel: a summary of the first two excavation seasons

Dr. Stella Demesticha

The 4th-Century-BC Mazotos Shipwreck, Cyprus: a preliminary report

Seamen on Land? A Preliminary Analysis of Medieval Ship Graffiti on Cyprus

Dr. Wendy van Duivenwoorde

The 5th-Century BC Shipwreck at Tektaş Burnu, Turkey: evidence for the ship’s hull from nail concretions

The Anchor of the 3rd-Century-BC Ship from Kyrenia, Cyprus: a one-armed wooden anchor with a lead-filled stock