Honor Frost Foundation

honor frost foundation

The Honor Frost Foundation was founded in 2011.

Honor Frost was an early pioneer in the field of underwater archaeology. She developed a special interest in ports, harbours (The offshore island harbour at Sidon and other Phoenician sites in the light of new dating evidence) and anchors (Anchors on the Uluburun Bronze Age Shipwreck), which she saw as a key part in identifying shipwrecks and patterns of trade. (Don’t Forget the Dunnage: targeting plants on ships). When Honor died in 2010 she left the bulk of her estate to establish the foundation to promote marine and maritime archaeology with a focus on the Eastern Mediterranean.

The Foundation’s mission is to promote the advancement and research, including publication, of maritime archaeology with particular but not exclusive focus on the Eastern Mediterranean with an emphasis on Lebanon, Syria and Cyprus.

The Foundation seeks to further its mission in the field of nautical archaeology. For more information, please visit Honor Frost Foundation.